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10 Easy To Do Farmhouse Tier Tray and Riser Diy’s

Using tier trays and risers can really take your decorating style up a notch. However, they can be quite expensive. Here are 10 budget friendly do it yourself tier trays and risers. I hope you get tons of inspiration. If you would like to see the full step by step video tutorial, make sure to click on my YouTube video at the end.

Riser # 1 is made using a Dollar Tree cake pan, painted to look like galvanized metal. The base is a ceramic candle holder sitting atop a round plastic container from Dollar Tree, painted a distressed white. This riser can give height in your decor and can be decorated in many different ways.


Riser # 2 is gorgeous! Using two wood rounds from Wal-Mart at $1 a piece, glue wooden beads between the two. I purchase my wooden beads from Amazon here:

The base is a glass candle holder from Dollar Tree painted with white chalk paint and then antique wax added to the entire riser. I love how this turned out, and only cost a few dollars to make.


Riser # 3, is a painted version of riser # 2. Using a distressing paint technique with white chalk paint, you can customize this riser to fit into your color theme.


Riser # 4 has a unique shape. Most risers you see are round or rectangular. Here you have two hexagon shaped risers to give your decor a more modern look. The one on the left has a Dollar Tree candle holder as its base while the one on the right has wooden beads on each corner.


Riser # 5 has a classic look that never goes out of style. This piece is all wood. Using a wood round from Dollar Tree’s Plus section and wooden beads as feet, all stained with Antique wax, gives this riser such a gorgeous finish.


Riser # 6 is stunning! Removing the feet from the previous riser and combining this with riser # 4 (the hexagon riser), takes these two pieces to another level of beauty. The crisp white of the base combined with the beauty of the wood is simply gorgeous.


#7 is a 3 tiered tray that can serve as not only home decor, but can be functional for organizing. It is made from three wooden trays from Dollar Tree and paint stir sticks!

You can use this on your kitchen counter to hold snacks, or on your bathroom counter to organize some of your smaller items.


#8 has to be one of my favorites. This two tier rectangular tray is made from old wooden picture frames, and a wooden leg from a 1980’s coffee table. You can display much larger items, and change the decor out for every season.


#9 is a beauty made from scrap wood pieces. It is sturdy and made to last. I have the decal used here as a free PDF printable (click on the free printable link in the menu). You can print this onto copy paper and use the transfer method onto your project.


#10 is another favorite. It is made from the wooden panels from the Dollar Tree Plus section. Each panel costs $3. An old candle stick is used as the base between the two and 4 wooden beads added as feet. Another nice size tier tray.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you would like to recreate one of these, don’t forget to watch my YouTube video below to get the step by step instructions. I would love for you to subscribe on YouTube as well. It is a free way to help support my channel! xoxo Barbara


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