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Mini Farmhouse Cabinet

This mini farmhouse cabinet was made from mostly Dollar Tree items, and the barn door actually slides from left to right! Here are the instructions on how you can create one for yourself. If you prefer to watch the in depth step by step tutorial, my YouTube video is at the bottom of this post. There you will find a couple more farmhouse décor projects that turned out just as cute. Don’t forget to click the follow button here to get notifications about new posts.

Step 1: I used 3/8″ dowels and 1/4″ dowels to create handles.
Cut 3 one inch long pieces from the 3/8ths dowel, and (6) 1/4″ long pieces from the 1/4″ dowel.
Glue 2 of the smaller pieces to the one inch piece to make a handle. Create three handles.
Step 2: Use three wooden boxes with the drawer inserts from Dollar Tree.
Glue the three outer boxes to each other using wood glue with the openings facing you.
Paint the drawers and handles white.
Place the drawers back into the outer boxes with the original cut out designs in the back. It should look like this. Find the center of each drawer and glue the handles on.
Step 3: Use two wooden trays from Dollar Tree and (8) 3/4″ wood cubes (also from Dollar Tree). Glue two of the cubes together to make 4 sets of two.
Glue one set of the wood cubes to the inside of the tray on both sides. Make sure they are centered and pushed to the back of the tray.
They should look like this.
Step 4: Cut down two craft sticks. Glue one to the front of each tray.
Cut some giant craft sticks (from Wal-Mart) to glue to the top and bottom of each wood cube set.
This will create a nice finished shelf.
Step 5: Glue the two trays together using wood glue. I also added a little hot glue, this will hold it together while the wood glue sets up.
Step 6: Cut and glue craft sticks to the top of the two trays as well as the inside bottom of the two trays.
This will give it a nice finished wooden slat look.
Use a wooden plaque (this one is from Wal-Mart).
Step 7: Cut and glue craft sticks to the top, bottom, and both sides to create a frame.
Then measure and cut out the angles to create the X that will go in the middle.
Once you glue those down, it should look something like this.
Step 8: Drill a hole in the center of 4 Dollar Tree wood cubes. Make sure you drill all the way through.
Glue one of the wood cubes on each side of the two trays on the top at the edge. Make sure the holes are facing the sides of the trays.
This is showing the back side of the trays with the wood cubes on each end at the top. Then you will glue the other two wood cubes to the back of the barn door. Makes sure all the holes are facing the same direction. This will be how the door rests on top of the cabinet.
Step 9: Give everything a couple coats of white paint.
I like the distressed look, so I dry brushed gray paint on all of the pieces.
Step 10: Glue the two trays with the openings facing forward to the top of the three drawers. Make it flush to the back of the cabinet.
It should look like this. I painted a metal garden stake that I popped the sign off of (from Dollar Tree) as well as two beads. This will make the track for our door.
Since I used chalk paint, I am going over the entire piece with clear sealing wax. This will protect the paint, but also help the door to slide better.
Step 11: Sit the door on top of the trays so the wood cubes on the back of the door are resting on top of the trays.
Now you can slide your garden stake through each of the wood cubes.
Step 12: Glue a wood bead to each end of the garden stake. Not only does this keep the garden stake from coming out, it gives the piece a finished touch.

Now you have the cutest mini Farmhouse cabinet with a functioning barn door!

Thanks for visiting. To see the video tutorial, click on the video below.


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