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How to Create a Kitchen Scale using Dollar Tree Items

I have always wanted an antique table top scale, but they are so pricey. Can you believe I made this one for around $4 using supplies I purchased from Dollar Tree? Yes, that is a clock face. LOL, but I could not find a free scale face printable that I liked. Want to make one for yourself? Here are the step by step instructions:

Step 1: For the base, use a square sign from Dollar Tree and remove the hanger and paper from the front.
Step 2: Paint the outer edges as well as part of the top with two coats of white paint. I used chalk paint, because the sign had a glossy finish that doesn’t accept spray paint very well.
Metal Planter from Dollar Tree.
Step 3: Cut down one of Dollar Tree’s square wood pieces to the same size as the bottom of the metal planter.
Step 4: Using E6000, glue the top of the planter to the sign, and then glue the square wood piece to the bottom of the planter.
It should look like this.
Step 5: Cut down two dowels to 2 inches each. I just used the handles from some Dollar Tree pouncer sponges.
Step 6: Glue the dowels to the square wood piece. I used E6000. This is why we added the wood piece, so the dowels would adhere better and give us a stronger hold.
Dollar Tree Cake Pan
Step 7: Glue a round wood piece to the center of the bottom of your cake pan. I found this wood piece at Wal-Mart in a pack of 6. This will give a slightly better distribution of weight for the top of the scale, rather than gluing the dowels directly to the pan.
Step 8: Place E6000 onto the two dowels and then place the wooden piece of the cake pan on top. Sit something with a little weight to it, in the center of the cake pan to hold the two together firmly until the glue sets up.
Once the glue dries, it should look something like this.
Plastic plate from Dollar Tree.
Step 9: Spray paint the scale and one of the plastic plates with two coats of white paint.
Step 10: Using a wet wipe, dab into the black paint and wipe around the edge of the plastic plate to give a crisp paint line. I also painted a black border around the cake pan rim.
I am using a clock face that I found free to print offline. I could not find a scale face that I liked, so this will do. Plus, I like the roman numerals.
Step 11: Cut the clock face out leaving the black border, and attach to the plate using Mod Podge. Once dried, go over the clock face with a thin coat of Mod Podge to seal it in.
Step 12: Attach the plate to the front of the scale. You can use a combination of hot glue and E6000. The E6000 will give you a more permanent hold.

And voila, you have a beautiful decorative kitchen scale. If you prefer to watch the step by step video tutorial, make sure to click on the video at the bottom of this page. There are a few more Farmhouse Dollar Tree Diy’s in that video that you may also like.


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